Apr 20, 2017

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Social Gaming and Gamification for your Online Business

Expand your existing online games community through the addition of Parlay’s social bingo, social games content and associated game elements.

Parlay offers enhancement solutions to your existing site, designed to entertain your web visitors with engaging content, rewards systems and interactive features.

Let us help amplify your brand through proven gamification techniques.


Software Licensing for the Online Bingo And Interactive Gaming Industry

Parlay develops and licenses flexible internet bingo and casino software products for the online bingo and online gaming industry. Expand your existing operation or establish a new interactive bingo community by leveraging the Parlay software suite of games and business tools.

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing operation through the integration of new games or require a complete gaming platform including back office management software, Parlay provides innovative product solutions and industry proven experience.


Innovative Software

More than just gaming software Parlay can assist your business team with the development of custom software solutions. We’re able to work with you to provide a solution that fits your needs.

Parlay offers stand alone software licences, plug and play games content, a social games platform extension and more to help bring your ideas to life.

The Parlay Software Platform

  • The Parlay platform features a modular suite of software components that can be assembled to provide solutions in a variety of business scenarios. At it’s core, the Parlay platform features a comprehensive back office framwork which serves as a customer account management and reporting system. The Parlay Back office has all of the required features to support both eGambling and Social gaming operations however the system can also be used by any online business that requires a flexible customer account management system with financial reporting and ecommerce.
  • The Parlay software platform has been powering leading European online operators since 2004. Our modular product design enables easy integration into existing back office platforms and our broad support for 3rd party vendors allows extended availability of games, content and services.
  • Whether you’re looking for a complete standalone solution for your online business or looking to extend your existing operations with additional bingo and soft gaming content, Parlay has industry proven products that deliver success.


Since 1998 Parlay has been a leader in the development and licensing of online bingo solutions. Our award winning bingo system includes support for all international standards including 75, 90 and 80 number formats. The configuration options for bingo are second to none and the flexibility of our design provides unlimited customization. If you are in the market for a flexible bingo solution for either pay for play or social play, Parlay has the solution.

Slots and Casino Games

Parlay licenses a full suite of slot and casino games that can be integrated into your website. The games can be used for websites that feature social play or they can be used as part of a regulated pay for play gaming operation.

Parlay also has a number of 3rd party game providers integrated into our platform, further extending our product offering.

Parlay Back Office

The ability to manage your customers and their activity is just as important as providing content. Parlay’s HouseEdge management reporting tool provides a comprehensive suite of reports and controls to allow you to manage your game content, track customer activity and analyze your business performance.

Parlay Managed Services Solution

Parlay can license its software as a hosted solution. Parlay has hosting operations in both North America and Europe to support your operation.

Enjoy the benefit of a hosted solution, managed by Parlay, with lower start-up costs, whereby you need not worry about hardware systems, data backup, ISPs, bandwidth and technical support staff.

Integrated Software Solution

Parlay’s software is deployment ready. Our software can be readily deployed to your existing environment for you to operate independently.

An integrated Parlay solution provides optimal performance and full control.

Social Gaming Solutions

  • Parlay provides social gaming software solutions for companies who are looking to execute on a free play, social gaming model or wish to operate within jurisdictions that do not tolerate internet gaming. Our back office platform readily supports points based and virtual currency gaming solutions, which can be delivered by website, Facebook or through mobile apps.
  • Parlay can deliver its software through a hosted solution or we can integrate and deploy our software into your existing environment.
Parlay Social Gaming Solutions

Household names in the U.S. such as Publishers Clearing House currently offer Parlay internet bingo and slots products through their popular social gaming websites.

Innovative Custom Software Solutions

Standalone Platforms

  • Parlay can license our full back office and games platform as a standalone system installed on your servers for pay to play gaming operations.
  • We can license and install our back office and games platform onto your servers in North America for use in a regulated or points based gaming environment.
  • We can license and integrate our pay to play games platform which includes bingo and casino for installation within your environment in regulated jurisdictions.
  • The Parlay platform supports numerous integrations with 3rd party content, affiliate, payment and email campaign systems.

Plug and Play Games and Content

  • For existing operators Parlay’s games platform can be licensed separately to extend an existing operation with new interactive Bingo and games content.
  • Leveraging our flexible Game-API, the Parlay games platform can alternatively act as a games-hub to 3rd party game providers.

Creative Product Solutions


Social Game Elements and Gamification

Parlay’s Social Game Elements extend our existing games platform with the complimentary features which have become standard in today’s popular social gaming environments.

Feature elements such as badges, social profiles, points, credits, trophies and achievements can be readily combined with our games to create and execute innovative product ideas.


Facebook Apps

Parlay can work with you to bring your new ideas to Facebook.

Parlay’s games and products are Facebook ready whether you’re looking to create a new Facebook app or extend your www site using Facebook connect.

Our games, combined with our points and virtual currency framework, can be assembled into custom Facebook apps.


Mobile Bingo and Casino Games

Parlay's innovative mobile games can be readily added to your website allowing your business unrestricted access through today's popular tablets and mobile devices.


Since the late '90s, Parlay has had the privilege of working with a variety of gaming companies worldwide. Our client tailored products and software solutions have been featured by these top industry brands:


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